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Misty's Tears (Gym Challenge 118)

Uploader: Vujinn 4 years ago  
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Trapped inside her cocoon she wondered what new turn this was taking and how long before it all ended before she gasped as the a coil squeezed her breasts, forcing her mind back to the sensations racing through her body as she was carried deeper into the forest. Their journey through the treetops and down into the undergrowth had caused some of the webbing binding the girl to unravel and snap, the frayed ends hanging limply from the cocoon and exposing a few flashes of pale flesh, one rosy nipple protruding through a gap, the nub hard as a rock in due to the venom and the pressure applied by her bindings. I won, I won convincingly yet when I walked away he called me out, saying I cheated, that I disrespected my pokemon and that I didn't deserve to be a trainer. The purple pokemon flicked its tongue out, tasting the air and detecting an intoxicating scent of fear and arousal coming from the girl before him, causing her to close his eyes and inhale deeply, drinking it in. She breathed a sigh of relief as she saw it was sleeping, its hooded eyes shut and chest rising slowly in time with its breathing. Hypno sat silently on the grass and closed its eyes, falling into a trance like sleep as the man stood, and pulled two pokeballs from inside his jacket.


More oh her please.


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